Information Request

If you would like more information on Pre-Planning funeral services, or information on our funeral home, services and supplies, please don't hesitate to call, or come in and visit our facilities and request a funeral arrangement package.

The "Funeral Package" that we have is available upon your request at NO CHARGE; also, you are under no obligation to request this package.

ALL Ontario funeral homes MUST provide a package for services and supplies upon your request at NO CHARGE and NO OBLIGATION to you, under the "Funeral Directors and Establishments Act " of Ontario. Follow up on this package must be at YOUR request by providing verbal or written consent to do so. Funeral directors, funeral home employees or third party persons associated to the funeral home who do so otherwise, are in violation of the "Funeral Directors and Establishments Act" of Ontario by use of solicitation. 
You can view this act at

Funeral Package:
The package Boyce Funeral Home Ltd. provides, contains a Thank you cover letter, information collection papers, both legal and funeral home usage, information and prices on our services and funeral supplies we offer such as funeral options, caskets, urns and burial vaults, cemetery monuments and approximate disbursement costs such as newspaper notices, floral tributes and cremation costs. There is a Privacy Policy making reference to the "Ontario Privacy Policy Act". Also the package contains our many funeral, memorial and cremation options that can be fully customized to suit your religious, ethical and financial situation. 
This package can be mailed to you, or you can come by the Boyce Funeral Home Ltd. and request one in person. The Funeral Package comes neatly together in a portfolio for you.

If you are not local or can't come in, please complete the form below and we will gladly provide you the information you seek.

The information package is available to you at no charge or obligation.