Q. Is cremation on the rise?
A. Yes and No! Although cremation may be on the rise, the term "direct" cremation, meaning no visitations, funeral ceremony or service is still not very common. But people are choosing cremation following a traditional funeral service with visitation periods and or funeral / memorial funeral services. Boyce Funeral Home recognizes that cremation as a whole is on the rise. We now have an extensive collection of urns for cremated remains which are kept in our casket selection room on an 'Urn Wall' housing an assortment of different urns: wood, metal, ceramic and composite to suite all tastes.

Q. Is a decorative urn necessary?
A. Yes and No! Most cremation establishments provide a "temporary" urn. You may use this urn for burial, although the appearance may not be suitable for displaying for a memorial visitation, funeral service or displaying in your home. Below are the urns that are in our selection room right now. As urns are purchased they will be restocked as soon as possible, but will remain on this page. If an urn cannot be restocked within a period of time, or is unavailable for an extended period of time, or has been discontinued, it will be removed from this page. Please check back with us soon for our urn selection.

Bronze Triune Urn


 Cameo Rose Urn

Copper Triune Urn

             Stainless Steel Triune Urn


     Venetian Urn


    Monticello Urn