What is the purpose of a vault?

A casket/urn vault or concrete vault is a concrete container that accepts either a casket or urn for burial.

In the case of a casket vault, the vault protects the casket from the elements and also prevents the earth above the vault and casket from indenting or caving in over time.

For the urn vaults, the urn is placed inside the vault and provides the same protection as the casket vaults, only on a smaller scale.

By using a vault, cemetery maintenance is reduced and by chance of vehicles or machinery (backhoe for digging graves), the grave will not collapse or concave.

Also, should a person want a double depth plot, (one casket on top of another), a vault is necessary for the first burial so when a second burial is to take place, the grave will be stable and cemetery personnel not disturb the first burial.

Casket vaults and Urn vaults listed arrive at the cemetery with Boyce Funeral Home canopy/tent and chairs set up.

     Bronze Triune Vault

                            Cameo Rose Vault

                          Copper Triune Vault

                    Stainless Steel Triune Vault

                         Continental Vault

                              Monticello Vault