Organ Donation

An individual may not give both organs and the body for transplant and research purposes. Body donations go to a medical school of anatomy where they are used by medical students for anatomical study and dissection. There may be a cost to the deceased person's estate when donating a body to a medical school.

Those considering organ or body donation should advise family members. At time of death, unexpected requests may cause confusion and strife among distraught family members.

For further information speak to the funeral director or contact:

The Chief Coroner of Ontario 
26 Grenville Street Toronto, On 
M7A 2G9 
(416) 314-4000

Organ Donation Ontario (ODO) 
250 Dundas Street West Suite 406 
Toronto, On 
M5T 2Z5 
(416) 351-7328 or  800 263-2833